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Zakynthos is the sixth of the seven Ionian islands found to the west of Greece.

The islands of the Ionian Sea are lush and green.

The combination of soil, climate and traditional production methods is what gives our olive oil its unique taste.

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Fiore de Levante

   Greeceís islands are mostly scattered to either side of the mainland and each island has itís own unique character and charm.

Zakynthos is amous for beautiful beaches. The beach of Laganas is the most famous and at 9kms length it is the longest sandy beach in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Zakynthos has a very high winter rainfall, in fact, as much during the winter as in the whole year in Britain! Bad news for the locals but it means the island stays green all year round even during the hot and dry summer months. The Venetians who ruled here for 400 years called it Fiore de Levante or Flower of the East and in May flowers grow in profusion. The Venetians also called the island Zante.

The capital, Zakynthos Town, is based on its former elegant Venetian design, the shopping here rivals anywhere in Greece. Zakynthos Town was destroyed by an earthquake in 1953 and the town that is seen now is a reconstruction based largely on the pattern of the original.

Much of the rest of the island consists of traditional farming villages, olive groves, small coves and many beaches. The island has a magical atmosphere of its own.

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